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Our Favourite Quotes About the Isles of Scilly

“I went for the Easter break  to find not only heat but also empty beaches — and, on the right side of peak season, there were enough people to keep the islands alive but too few to make a crowd…  How else can you make summer longer? While the rest of the country was being smothered by clouds, the Isles of Scilly, sticking out as they do on the very southwestern tip of England, were sitting under improbably clear skies…After several British breaks that ended in rain, I felt as if I too had been fished out and saved from despair. The shipwreck archipelago will rescue you — and that’s the best contradiction of all”     Kathleen Wyatt – The Times

“With the biggest town the size of a village and place names such as Grandfather Hugh’s Point, the whole place can seem like something from a storybook”    Mail Online, Amanda Riley Jones

“It reminds me of all the good things, not only about England, but the world on which we live. My family never feel safer than there.”  The Mail, quoting Jude Law

“In the Scilly Isles, myth and reality seem to blend in a cocktail of romantic escape”  The Guardian, Richard Waters

 “There are fresh delights around every corner: a deserted cove; a windy headland; a hedgerow speckled with wild flowers; a necklace of other islands shimmering in the distance”   The Telegraph, Max Davidson

 “The sea has that translucent end-of-the-day glow as it lazily folds back and forth across the sand. I perch on a rock, close my eyes and revel in the sense of having stopped, of having reached the end of my journey. The end, as it feels when I open my eyes, of the world”   The Observer, Annabelle Thorpe

 Tim Smit of the Eden Project: “I adore Tresco; it makes me feel I have returned to my childhood”

Michael Morpurgo, in The Telegraph:  “We found a nice little b & b on the Isle of Bryher, and had the most marvellous holiday. There was something for everyone – the beach for the kids, the island’s abundant flowers for my wife, and a little deserted isle I found nearby where I could get some peace and quiet and do a bit of writing.  That was 28 years ago and my wife and I have been going back every summer, and in particular to the little isle of Bryher, which has become a home from home. I’ve written several books there over the years, among them Why the Whales Came, which was turned into a film.  As you approach the Scillies they look a little like dumplings in the ocean – they’re very low-lying – but the seas around them are a shade of blue like nowhere else in the British Isles.  Holidaying there is all about messing about in boats, messing about on the beach, and now, at my age, sitting with a glass of wine on the beach and enjoying the view. It also boasts wonderful wildlife: dolphins porpoises, birds. The funny thing is you can walk around Bryher in an hour but we never tire of this lovely little spot – and if you do want to venture farther afield there are the other islands.”

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